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Who We Serve

  • Our clients are Business Owners, Executives, Senior Professionals and Retirees who are too busy with their own career and lives, that they don’t have sufficient time to research and manage their finances themselves, and/or simply want a professional with the financial experience to work together with to enhance their overall financial situation.
  • Prudent investors who are relationship and goal-oriented, and whom expect the same from their financial professionals.
  • Passionate about their goals and understand that achieving them requires money and planning.
  • Appreciates the simplicity, freedom and peace of mind that comes from knowing their financial assets looked after by a trusted advisor.
  • Values our work and is comfortable with our way of doing business and how we are compensated
  • Recognizes the services we provide are worth every dollar spent.
  • Understand the best way to build our community is by their willingness to introduce us to other people who share these characteristics.
  • Has at least $500,000 - $5,000,000 in assets to engage in their wealth building.
  • Focuses on what is really important to them and want to hear the truth from us.
  • Allows us into their lives, so we can create a truly tailored wealth plan.
  • Trusts our employees and core values of professional knowledge, integrity, personalized services and teamwork.