Congrats Andrei Hall on #1 Amazon Best-Seller Book (writing credits)

March 1, 2024
Congrats Andrei Hall for your contributions on the Amazon best-seller "Personal Finance in the AGE of NIL" by Chester Burnett.

Amazon Best Seller Rank

#1 Credit Ratings & Repair (Books)

#1 Business & Money (Books)

#1 Management & Leadership (Books)

Book Title

Personal Finance in the AGE of NIL

Publication Date

January 31st 2024

Print Length

92 Pages

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Chester Burnett, a former American football player, shares a comprehensive guide for student athletes about how they can achieve financial stability by using the benefits of NIL in the best way. Students of any background always look for a mentor that they can look up to or talk to, who can help them create a map for their future. Personal Finance in the age of NIL serves the same purpose for all student athletes, in which the author has shared elaborated ways about they can save and secure their finances for the future. The author has shared a complete guide with references for the students so that they can opt to get more information about their contracts, rights, benefits, and how they can use them for their benefit. The goal of writing this book was to build a financially strong community of athletes.

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness

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