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Natasha Mcpherson, CLTC®

Managing Director

Licenses & Designations:
Natasha holds her FINRA Series 7 through LPL Financial as well as her FINRA Series 66 through LPL Financial.

Natasha McPherson is the Managing director of Hall Wealth Management and owner of the Medicare Health Insurance Brokerage, McPherson Insurance.

What never fails to amaze others is that Natasha started her career in the music industry at a young age and had quite the journey as a professional guitar player. From songwriting to touring and recording, she immersed herself in the world of music. However, after an unexpected accident and living through the importance of financial planning, Natasha changed her tune.

Driven by personal experiences that underscored the importance of being prepared for life's uncertainties, Natasha has devoted herself to empowering individuals and families to navigate life's challenges with grace and ease by protecting & helping guide them to potentially saving millions of dollars each year.  

Natasha has undergone training under renownedexperts such as Barron's top 100 advisor Erin Botsford, Harley Gordon (Founding member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys), and has also further enriched her knowledge by studying under a team of astute CFP's. She was one of the individuals selected to be in the 2023 Association Of African American Financial Advisors, Financial Professional Cohort, which helps advisors to think even more out of the box when it comes to complex financial situations within minority communities.  

At Hall Wealth Management & McPhersonInsurance, Natasha sets the brand and culture to stand out due to a unique combination of values and principles. Her unwavering commitment to holistic medicine ensures that we consider the broader well being of clients-- recognizing that financial decisions are intertwined with their overall health and happiness. Natasha’s emphasis on active listening sets HWMG apart by allowing us to truly understand our clients' needs, concerns, and aspirations, enabling us to provide personalized and effective financial solutions. Empathy is also at the core of our interactions, fostering a genuine connection with our clients and partners while creating a safe space for them to share their thoughts and feelings.  

Finally, celebrating diversity is not just a motto but a cornerstone of our practice, as we value and embrace the unique perspectives and backgrounds of each individual. These qualities collectively make us a trusted and compassionate ally in navigating the complexities of today's rapidly changing world.  

When Natasha’s not in the office, she can be found indulging her passion for fine sushi, traveling, perfecting her tennis game, doting on her beloved Frenchie Anabel & Chug Giuseppe, expanding her collection of guitars, and still electrifying audiences as a session musician on guitar and bass. 

Natasha looks forward to answering any questions you may have as an individual and working together.

Certification for
Long-Term Care

A professional with a CLTC® designation has acquired the critical tools necessary to discuss the subject of longevity and its acute consequences on a client's family –financially, physically and emotionally – years down the road. The best way to protect families from the potential devastation of long-term care is not to sell a product, but rather, offer advice that leads to a plan to mitigate those consequences.

Areas of Focus

Widow’s & Divorcee’s
Social Media Influencers
College Planning
Lottery Winners
Music Executives
Entertainment Industry Professionals

It’s important to note:
Natasha enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds & needs.

More about Natasha

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night Owl

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Right here, right now

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Dreams By Van Halen

If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go?

Dependent upon my mood the day of teleportation, Australia or Sweden.

What is the last TV show you binge-watched?

Fuller House

Motto or personal mantra?

Don’t wait for the right time, make it the right time

What inspires or motivates you to do your job, as it relates to the customer experience?

When individuals call me after a major health or life event to thank me.  Tragic times have been cushioned &families have been prevented from being destroyed because we took the time to sit down together for a thorough needs analysis. This is what I live for. 

Stevie & Bug, Natasha’s best friends growing up who unfortunately left us in 2022 two months apart.
Natasha’s honored to serve you,
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